Beach homes in Narragansett and South Kingstown, and most of southern Rhode Island, offer extraordinary value compared to beach homes in the nearby states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

FOR SELLERS: We’ll find buyers by calling high net worth individuals from across the country. We have a national list of potential buyers for Rhode Island beach homes. Does your salesperson make the time and have the tenacity to employ this strategy? Let us make it work for you. We will aggressively focus on your needs and find the right buyer. Call Ray Mullaney today!


Raymond Mullaney

FOR BUYERS: We’ll find what you’re looking for. What you’re looking for may not be on the market right now, but we’ll be patient. Additionally, we will call homeowners who now own what you want, and make them an offer to buy their home! That strategy has worked for me in the past, and it will continue to work. It takes time and tenacity to make it work. We will focus on your needs with care and attention. Call Ray Mullaney today!

For 45 adult years, I’ve traveled from coastal Canada to the Florida Keys. For my beach home, I chose Southern Rhode Island.


You’ll not find a better quality of life anywhere in eastern coastal America than the qualities we have here! All four seasons are absolutely beautiful. Our summers may be short, but they are magnificent. Southern coastal Rhode Island provides wonderful opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, surfing and romantic walks on the beach. Some of our beaches are packed and provide a safe community experience for children, while other beaches are more secluded and provide intimate experiences for you and your loved ones.


Buy a summer home in Rhode Island and leave a legacy for generations of your loved ones.